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Select/Delete Clips

Submitted by aehaem on Tue, 03/09/2021 - 17:40
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Is there a way to use session Box with eg Launchpad to not only launch Clip Slots, but also Select or Delete Clips in that Slot???

Thank You

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John C
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All of my answers lately seem to be pretty much the same sorry...
in the Reactions update you will be able to use the position of the session box to perform clip functions such as select/delete clips.



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I was able to do this simply using behaviours via LOM

Via mode change ie press a qualifier to change the button source =[self.track_num(0)].clip_slots[0]
is assigned to pad 1,[self.track_num(1)].clip_slots[0]
for pad 2 and so on

Shift + Pad 1 to delete (mode change)[self.track_num(0)].clip_slots[0].delete_clip
and so on


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Oops...I didnt notice you were not a CSS user...retract that sorry.

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Hey thank you, I am also a css user...

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Oh ok...well as above...Your profile says Pro user...

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Hi there!
I've been looking for years (really! [not every day of course...]) for a solution to delete clips in Ableton via hardware (MIDI controller). Unfortunately, Ableton has "forgotten" this essential feature.
I've really tested a lot and I'm also very familiar with different controllers, I would like to use my Launchpad MKII for this purpose. There are various scripts for the "missing delete button" on the web, and I've spent many hours testing them all. - Unfortunately, nothing worked for me or was too cumbersome...

At some point, out of frustration, I ended up using an iPad as a DAW instead of Ableton, with the "Loopy Pro" app.
I was excited! This is how I wanted it: double click on a pad of the launchpad = delete this clip - my "live looping dream" came true!
But after a while I missed Ableton (especially MAX...).

OK. another long search on the web, so i finally ended up right here. I got the Control Surface Studio demo and unfortunately had to find out that it's pretty useless because you can't test the scripts...

So now after all the speech to my questions:
1. Is there a tutorial for this function (I don't understand what "Imagine_Engine" wrote there and I've watched a lot of videos and browsed through the instructions but didn't find anything concrete about it...) ?

2. What is the "Reactions update" and has this already been implemented?