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Select Track in box

Submitted by Image_Engine on Sun, 07/12/2020 - 12:38
Control Surface Studio User

I hope I have this right;
I have a box consisting of 8 columns
I know I can use left and right to move the tracks, that works but its not how my workflow operates. I have 7 tracks grouped giving a total of 8 tracks. These are logically grouped into instruments etc. There are 8 of these groups. I want to select a box (using the bottom row of 8 keypads to move 8 tracks at time) and then be able to use the 2nd row of keypads to highlight a track within that box ie pressing the 2nd keypad should select the 2nd track within the box.
I am unable to work out how to do that...highlight doesnt seem to provide a box relative option and uses absolute positioning?

Thanks for any help

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi Mark,
The highlight mapping doesn't currently have an option to select relative to position of the session box...

However, this can be done quite easily using reaction mappings.
See the attached screenshot. In the 'do this...' section, see the second input box, this will select the second track inside the session box.
The number '1' in there is the track number.
Tracks are zero indexed meaning '0' is track 1, '1' is track 2 and so on.
I've also attached the script so you can simply download/import it into your CSS and use it.


Control Surface Studio User

Thanks...will check it out.