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Select & control volume of a track with a SPECIFIC NAME

Submitted by Andrej Kobal on Wed, 10/06/2021 - 08:43
Andrej Kobal
Control Surface Studio User

Hi, nob here, first thanks for making such an amazing environment.

I just now discover the reaction option with CSS and I'm wondering if it would be possible to have the option to select and control volume of a track with a SPECIFIC NAME (ex. "Synth).

My goal is the option to move a track position with the name (ex. "Synth) freely in Ableton and still preserve the assigned MIDI CC control with it. Hope that makes sense.

Any help on how to achieve this is much appreciated.


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John C
Forum Admin

Yes you can use a reaction to find and save the track position number of the track named 'synth'
To do it you will need to use the reaction's loop section (to find the track named 'synth') and then save the track's position number to a modifier. You can then use the modifier as the track number in your volume mapping type.
For listeners, add:
'script > when script is initialised' and
'live object model > song > when tracks change'

For more details, watch this tutorial on lists:
And this one on modifiers: (make sure to watch the section on Using Modifiers in other Mapping Types).