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Second Channel

Submitted by picky-picasso on Sat, 04/09/2022 - 07:03
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It's standard in some of the complex controllers I've used (my Launchpad, my APC Key and my Motor 61 and Motor 49) that there are sometimes more than one channel or even more than one port.

The APC for example has the keyboard on a second channel from the remainder of the device. This is an advantage, because I can shift the octave without encroaching on other controls. In other words it is independent and all 88 keys (or actually 127) are available to the controller.

I'm hoping this functionality is forthcoming. In other words, programmatically I can do this in CSS, but so far, if the keyboard is a different channel from the remainder, it doesn't work. Midi comes in, but nothing seems to actually play. If I misunderstood the protocol, please feel free - anyone - to set me straight.

Thanks all and


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Hello picky-picasso,
If I am correct, you want to be able to play the keys of your Midi controller, while using your css script?
That is possible, the only thing to remember; once you assigned a note number or CC of your Midi controller in CSS, it will only listen to your script.
So you should be able to play your keys (or any other input) as long as you didn't map them in the 'Controller Templates' of CSS,

I hope this was of any help.
If not let us know ;-)