Scripts no longer break for duplicate mappings!? what?!

Submitted by John Carney on Tue, 07/10/2018 - 10:45
John Carney
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It seems that one of the most annoying errors for our scripts may have been squashed by Ableton.
Recently I was busy breaking scripts on purpose so that I could update our tutorial on how to fix a broken script with the different error messages Ableton spits out.
In the past, attempting to give an input on a controller more than one function (i.e. to control both volume and pan) would result in a broken script due to the lovely 'registered twice. Check Midi' error.
This must have quietly been fixed by Ableton as I could add multiple functions to the same control without any issue!

As yes I don't know which version of Live it was fixed in as I couldn't find anything in the release notes but it poses a dilemma. App currently has a lot of checks in place to prevent you from creating duplicate (midi message) mappings and breaking scripts.

So I can prioritise this, my question to you all is how useful would it be for you to be able to have multiple functions assigned to one input on your controller?
Don't forget that we have modes for adding multiple groups of mappings too



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I think I've asked for this previously. For my workflow this would be useful. Right now I'm using midi mapping inside ableton but what sucks is that I can't push for a custom colour for that pad.