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Scripting Clip Launch of Specific Length

Submitted by twistymatic on Tue, 04/20/2021 - 09:20
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On the Push, one can hit a button, choose the length of what you want, and it will create a clip, record for that long, and start playing. As far as I can tell, that isn't available on any other hardware. You can't specify how long it will be on the fly on other setups. BinkLooper is a workaround, but a complicated one that requires advance specification of the clip. Is it possible to create this Push functionality with Remotify?


PS - here is a somewhat hastily-searched-for and random discussion of the topic... there are many more online:

here is another I just found where someone extends the functionality of the 'fixed length' button to grab the last part of a longer recording; this is not what I need right now, but I thought it interesting so I'll include it as well:

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John C
Forum Admin

This is possible with the upcoming update to Reactions (version 2). Its not out yet, but will be very soon.

Control Surface Studio User

It is avalaible now but needs 2 versions of a reaction...1 to check if midi and 1 for audio tracks.
Then you just use
to create a midi clip

for audio

where n/m is the length in beats of the required clip


Actually would be a great feature would be the ability to be able to export in a granular way where you can choose eg just a reaction to export and share? or even multi select a group of items and export only those


John C
Forum Admin

I thought this too, exporting individual mappings would be brilliant.