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Script won't save. Success Notification never pops up.

Submitted by osaga on Wed, 04/29/2020 - 02:44
Control Surface Studio User

Hi Remotify

Been using the app for about 2 hours now. CSS doesn't seem to be saving my script anymore into the Remote Scripts folder. It did initially and now when I click the install script button the green notification doesn't pop up anymore. Not sure why. It was working fine for the first hour. I tried to reinstall CSS, but that didn't help.

Any idea on this?


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Control Surface Studio User

So far it seems like I have to wait about 3-5 mins between saving. That's the only way I get the script to save and see the success pop up.

Control Surface Studio User

Seems to be working faster now. Can close this post.

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi there,
We have been working on improving the performance of the App (which will be in the next release).
However somethings to be aware of with the current version (2.5.2) which can slow the app down.
1 When you have a session box mapping open/displayed, especially when it is large; 8x8 in size and above.
2. Controllers containing a lot of knobs and encoders.
Especially if you have a combination of the 2 open for a sustained amount of time, this can slow it down.
I recommend having a separate script in your list which only contains the bare minimum, i.e. one mapping and a controller with 1 input at most. If the App starts slowing down, clicking on this script will give the App a chance to 'breath' and reduce the memory load. Also, you can then close and reopen the app or logout/login again.

As I mentioned, we have performance improvements on the way which should greatly reduce any slowdown.



Control Surface Studio User

Thanks John. It definitely seems to be based on the script. The mini script compiles fine, but my larger script can't seem to compiles on some days. Looking forward to the next release. What's the expected release date?

John Carney
Forum Admin

Trying to cram as much in as possible at the moment. Hopefully a release will be ready in the next 2 or 3 weeks.