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Script Manager UI error/bug

Submitted by danicroitor on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 15:55
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now for a weird one
the most unstable app ever. the more you are working on it the more frustrating you'll get. no offence. really good app idea but ... anyway

for every bug I encounter I've tried to restart the app but this doesn't solve them ... it seems.

Now, in the script manager, as you can se in this video everything it appears duplicated but as soon as I select something it selecting all the other duplicates :O what the heck is that? :)

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the more I play with collapse arrow the more duplicates are being made :O

John Carney
Forum Admin

When you close and re-open the parent Script or Mode mappings, do the duplicates disappear?
Or if you switch to Controller Manager and back again?

Pro User

I've tried everything, restart the app, going back and forth...etc they don't disappear. As soon as the duplicates start appearing, there is no way to get rid of them.
I've tried delete some of the mappings but without success. What I end up doing is delete the script entirely.

Pro User

This exact issue is happening to me as well on a 2017 macbook pro with 16 GB of RAM and 1TB HD. It's a very frustrating issue, because as I am making progress in developing my script inside CSS, suddenly random components of my script get duplicated and there is no way to undo this. Closing and quitting the CSS app does not resolve the glitch either. The spontaneously self-duplicated components are still saved after re-opening CSS, since CSS seems to be saving everything in real-time. It makes me almost afraid to use CSS because I have no idea what or when it's going to just start self-duplicating components at random. Also certain components I have saved randomly change by themselvse. This application is a wonderful idea, and I appreciate your work so much, but I was really hoping this standalone version of Remotify as a software application would be dramatically more stable than it currently is in its current form.

John Carney
Forum Admin

I've not been able to replicate this yet.
When you experience it, if you export the script, delete the current one and then re-import it back into the App.
Are you able to delete the duplicates and continue working?

Next time you experience it please send over the script and a note of what did just before it started happening.
This will help us de-bug it easier.



Pro User

If you delete one duplicate it delete all of the other that's why I think it UI related.
So, you cannot delete the duplicated because they are not actually duplicates :)

John Carney
Forum Admin

Ok understood.
How many Modes do you guys have in the Scripts in which you have experienced this duplication issue?