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script error

Submitted by Blair on Sun, 08/04/2019 - 00:25
Control Surface Studio User

Hi guys i keep getting this error i only have one volume fader mapped now and still get an error has anyone else had thit problem? i have checked my midi notes etc and all are correct

2019-08-04T09:15:40.457816: info: RemoteScriptError: Registry key (159, 42) registered twice. Check Midi messages!

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2 Responses


Control Surface Studio User

All good I have sorted it

John Carney
Forum Admin

Glad you got it sorted.
Incase anybody else sees this error. It usually only occurs if you have more than one input in your Controller with the exact same MIDI Message Data (MIDI Channel, Type, Value).
You just need to ensure that all inputs have a unique combination of the 3 pieces of MIDI Data above.