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Scene Navigation + sel Track Record Question

Submitted by Ky Takikawa on Sat, 12/11/2021 - 21:04
Ky Takikawa
Pro User
Control Surface Studio User

Hey friends, im still trying to find some more documentation on how to properly write my own lines of code for basic reactions. I'm starting to understand the syntax but there are no resources for the vernacular... are there?

I have two questions.

First, I would like to write a simple reaction to listen to a button on my midi controller and when pressed, start recording into a clip on the selected track.

second I have a 1x4 scene/track session box set up. I have the navigation set up on my foot controller such that one button incrementally steps down and the other steps up scenes by 1.
I would like the scene navigation to also highlight the horizontal row of clips such that when I navigated to scene X (lets say 4 for example) on my session box and pushed that selected track record button, the clip that would start recording would start on the scene that I have highlighted with this session box.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Forum Admin

Hi Ky,

for the first one:
listener: midi controller > 'select the button you want to use'
action: live object model > clip slot > fire
open in the path menu (the hand icon) and choose the selected track and clip slot number
Record length: choose the fixed length to record for, i,e 4.0 is 1 bar
Launch Quantization: set it to 0 for global quantization

For 2, to use the session box's position as the scene number, you would need to switch the reaction to custom coding and enter the following piece of code inbetween the brackets: self.get_sessbox_scene_offset()
See the attached screen shot.

Ky Takikawa
Pro User

Hey John, thank you so much for your response.
I cant believe i didnt see that the clip slot fire was what I was looking for...Very simple.
In the path menu I was able to set tracks/scene to selected tracks and the clip slots menu to "relative clip slots" to achieve the results I was after with using that single button to record on the session box's highlighted scene on selected track.

The one issue that I think should be an easy fix is. Is there any way to record indefinitely/until the button is pressed again? It seems like I can only get a fixed length to work and if I enter the value of 0 or 0.0 into the 'record length' entry it will automatically create a playing clip that is 4 beats long.


Ky Takikawa
Pro User

I see the example for properly entering the decimal values of the record length amount and am able to specify a exact record length but I can't seem to think of any modifiers that would enable it to continue until acted upon again like what would happen within a session box.

Ky Takikawa
Pro User

I did figure out a work around using a different button and a reaction to listen to that button; and if there is a clip recording in the selected clip slot it would stop it.
Which means that if I set the record length to 64 bars I would most likely not need more time to record than that so I could press the other button when i was done.
But that solution requires two buttons, which means different stomp locations for a footpedal which is not great for playing in the moment. I feel like there is a much easier way....

The reason this doesnt work on a single button is because it would set recording to trigger and also see that the clip was recording and tell it to stop in the same instant.

Forum Admin

Hi Ky,

I answered your 'clipslot fire indefinitely' question in another topic here:
But for completion, here it is:
With 'clip slot > fire' chosen as the action, switch it to 'custom code' and remove anything that is inside the round brackets:
change this>>>
self.song().tracks[0].clip_slots[0].fire(4.0, 3)
to this >>>>

See the attached screenshot for a bit more clarity.

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