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Scene-fire as selected and scene-fire always only start first scene

Submitted by Sehr Seltsam on Thu, 10/20/2022 - 11:45
Sehr Seltsam
Control Surface Studio User

I'm trying to program a really simple layout, where I want to control Lives Start, Stop, Continue and Fire selected scenes with the buttons of my Launch Control.

Everything else finally works fine but the "scene- fire as selected" command always triggers the first sce no matter which scene is selected.
I also tried it with the "scene-fire" command but this also only triggers the very first scene in my live set.

Do I have to put in a modifier or something else?

Thank you for your help!

P.S. I tried both Live 10 and 11, OS is Windows 10.

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Control Surface Studio User

Hello Sehr Seltsam,

I am not affiliated with CSS other than as a customer like you, but I seem to be the most frequent poster on this forum over the last couple of weeks. I hope everything is OK over at the HQ (wherever that is in the world).

Have you confirmed that every "scene launch" button you've programmed on your launch control sends the exact MIDI message you have defined in your Template and Script? From what I can tell reading some old support threads, that's where most CSS script authors can get tangled up.

Another thing you can try is to start a new simpler script for testing that only does the one "broken" thing, launching scenes the way you want. If you don't find the problem, post that test script here so others can look too.

Happy Coding!

Sehr Seltsam
Control Surface Studio User

Thank you for your quick response.

I actually only have one button programmed to fire scenes.
From the description of the scene-fire as selected command it reads like it does exactly what the ENTER key does (or the mappable start scene Button in LIVE).
It actually starts the first scene and then selection jumps to the second scene. When I hit the button again it triggers the first scene but selection jumps from the second scene to the third scene and so forth...

It's a good idea to start a new script with only the one command. Will try that out.
Thanks again!

Sehr Seltsam
Control Surface Studio User

Made a new script with just the one button.
I cannot figure out what's happening here.

Maybe someone wants to have a look at it?

Thanks in advance

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Sehr Seltsam
Control Surface Studio User

And I found out what was wrong! Wooohooo!

The button with the hand symbol lets you select which scene to fire. either a direct scene number (1....x) or selected scene.
I would never have guessed that this hand symbol hides a menu... just saw it in the tutorial video about custom python coding.

I hope this will also help anyone with the same problem!

Have a nice day!

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Control Surface Studio User

Sweet. Nice detective work. That's how programming goes sometimes. But the more resistant and frustrating a problem tends to be, the more rewarding the associated dopamine rush of "finally" understanding and solving those problems yourself tends to be too.