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scale slider values (faderport fader position)

Submitted by upriiver on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 19:36
Control Surface Studio User

I'm using a Presonus Faderport 16
The silkscreen on the faders goes up to +10db, but the software faders only go up to +6db
This means that the physical position of unity gain lines up with +4db on the silkscreen

My first solution was to change the range of the slider to 115% manually entering 115 here:
self.volume_1_id_4["maximum"] = round(115,2)

and this works, and my first feature request is that the CSS GUI let's me put in numbers up from 0-200% for maximum (since obviously if I have to manually change something in the python script, the CSS editor is going to change it back again if I make edits using CSS)


This means that I've now shortened the total throw of the fader...
so another option should be to change the curve of the fader (default, curve=1.0):

import math
x = self.volume...
y = x / 127
z = y * math.pow(y , curve)
vol = z * 127

This math would do what I need, but I can't figure out where to put it.
If anyone can help me find where to insert this, I'd appreciate it... but shouldn't curves be a function in the CSS GUI?


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John C
Forum Admin

Hi there,

You can manually enter 200% into the Max / Min options by double click on the max/min slider where it will change to an input box (see min-max.png attached)

However I'm not entirely sure why you would be doing this. The Max/min values relate to the parameter inside Ableton.
If for example you were adding a Volume mapping, 100% would be the top of the volume parameter inside live (6db) and 85% would be 0db.

Your Faders inside your Controllers should send MIDI values 0 - 127 when you move them, 127 being the very top and zero being the bottom. If you want to shorten this you can edit the 'First' / 'Last' options in the 'Custom' section of the mapping. (see attached first-last.png)
For example, setting Last to '70' would effectively shorten the throw of the fader and the volume in Live would hit 100% by the time your fader sends 70.

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Control Surface Studio User

Being able to manually enter values is useful-- thanks for that (as I mentioned in my post, I was shortening the throw on purpose so that the unity mark on my faderport 16, which goes to +10db would line up with unity in Ableton, whose faders only go up to +6db)

What about being able to set a curve for a slider?

John C
Forum Admin

Ah yes you did, sorry about that.

With regards to curve, there are no options for this functionality in the App.