Rotary Controls for Session Box Navigation

Submitted by Octobird on Tue, 04/03/2018 - 17:16
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Hey. I'm pretty new in here and already a professional ;)

Right now it seem s to me that I have to give up four buttons for the up, down, left, right navigation of a session box. But instead I would rather use one single rotary encoders.

I'm building a mapping for my Vestax VCI400 DJ Controller right now which has plenty of rotary encoders. I checked my Midi Monitor and it gives me a CC Value 1 when I move it right and a 127 when I move left. (These are "clicky" they click on each single move)
Is there a way to assign these?

Otherwise that's going in the category of feature requests;)

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John Carney
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Hey, Well done for becoming a Pro so quickly! :) Indeed, session box navigation controls currently only support buttons for up/down/left/right. If you would like to use rotary encoders, this isn't possible in Remotify at the moment. However, if you're feeling upto it, we do have a step by step pdf guide you can use to add this into your script. Just fire over an email and I will send it to you. Thanks John
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Hey John,
great work you're doing !

I have the same request. I'd like to use a rotary encoder for track selection and understood that this currently cannot be achieved using the app. It would be grat if you can send share the pdf you mentioned.

Thanks from Berlin,

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This is possible with Bome MT. It allows you to translate midi value in to a midi note and a whole a lot more.
It's not what you Guys are requesting here but still an option :)

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Hi John I to would like to know how to use my encoder to navigate the red box

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A wild guess: you would need your knob to send different CCs or notes depending if it’s turned clockwise or counterclockwise.
Not sure you can make it go back to track 1 when it reaches the last track. You would need something to observe the number of tracks first.

John Carney
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Hi Blair,

You can do this directly inside Control Surface Studio, here are the steps:
1 Create a Session Box Navigation Mapping in your mode
2 Navigate: tracks
3 In the menu below, select: Scroll
4 Controller input: (your desired knob)

Simple :)

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Thanks John I hadn’t selected tracks

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Hi John I’m trying to move the session box up and down with a rotary encoder I’ve tried what you recommend with track and it just moved the box right. I can get it to move the box scrolling scenes one way with increments but not both ways. Turning the know have one midi value and the other a different value so it should be able to work but I must have something set wrong

John Carney
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Hi Blair,

Really, Increment is for buttons, as yes it will only move the session box in 1 direction.
If you are using a rotary encoder it should probably be Absolute (velocity values 0 - 127) or Relative (1 velocity value continuously sent for left and another for right). Then you will be able to move it in either direction.