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Requesting the ability to selectively choose which Midi ports CSS monitors

Submitted by Buster_Delmonico on Thu, 10/13/2022 - 02:33
Control Surface Studio User

Please implement CSS settings to disable midi monitoring of specific midi driver ports within CSS. There are 21 midi device drivers listed as "Connected MIDI Inputs" in my copy of the CSS Midi Monitor on this my music and script development machine. CSS only needs to monitor one of those ports at a time, maybe 2 or 3 at a time if a developer was maybe "linking" control surfaces.

Also, can you implement a way to "always" show the last midi message received data when monitoring, in addition to showing it at the bottom of the midi monitoring page itself (if clicked), maybe show in the Header bar?

For whatever reason, Live (10.1.43) can only connect to some Windows (7) midi drivers (cough cough Akai) if no other program already holds a handle to that driver.

Fortunately, I'm using CSS to create my first script for a device connected through a Yamaha midi driver, and Live connects to all the Yamaha ports just fine when CSS is monitoring (also connected to) those ports.

Unfortunately, Live can't subsequently also connect to Max49, APC40 mki, or Arturia Minilab mki midi ports, until unless I can tell CSS Midi monitor to stop listening there? Which means, for example, I can't currently use the APC40 with Live on this machine when CSS is running here too.

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2 Responses


Forum Admin

Thank you for your great suggestions, I've made a note of them for us to investigate!

Control Surface Studio User

It turns out that if I start CSS last, after all the other MIDI port hogging applications and Live, then CSS plays nice and doesn't foul. So, that's a reasonable workaround.