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Rename function doesnt work for paramters at some point

Submitted by Mathematics30 on Tue, 09/10/2019 - 13:28
Control Surface Studio User


I dont know how this is happening, but at some point the rename function stop working until i create a whole new script. I dont know how i could reproduce the problem but it seem to occur when closing and re-open the application AFTER create a new script.

When you cant rename anymore things inside the script, close and re-open the application will not solve the problem, you really have to create a new script in order to get the rename function back, until youclose the application again.

I have noticed that the rename function is still effective ONLY for the script name.

I have link to my post an exemple screenshot so you can see by yourself

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Control Surface Studio User

Interesting, i find something : the name function is back and all the changes are applied when close and re-open the script tab