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Remotifying Behringer DC-1

Submitted by TOTAL on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 11:11
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The concept is groundbreaking! May do a reality check please?

Here is my midi controller:

I am considering buying remotify to make it do the following in Live 7.1 (windows):

1. topmost 8 buttons
- four of them move the "red square" in session view and four move the cursor, ie. also change tracks

2. the topmost rotary
- change the master volume
- when pressed, change the sample audition volume

3. the 8 rotaries and 8 buttons below them
- obviously, track volume and pan
- when with shift (don't know which button I will devote to be shift yet), send 1 and two
- buttons - mute and solo

4. the 16 buttons - clip trigger, or when shifted, clip select.

Is it all doable with remotify?

That would be incredible.


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John C
Forum Admin

Hi T,

You can do everything you mentioned except "sample audition volume" at the moment - we're working on tons of new features too.

However, please note that these scripts only work in Ableton 9.2+ (ideally 9.7) on both windows & mac.



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That's cool, thanks! The missing option can be done by standard midi mapping, so it is not a concern.