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Remotify and Faderfox EC4

Submitted by RichardinNL on Tue, 03/23/2021 - 15:46
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I have a Faderfox EC4 , which essentially is 16 x 16 controllers in 1 (you have 16 sets and in those sets you have 16 groups with 16 encoders for each group).

Do I have to create 16 x 16 templates to accommodate all my controller groups/sets?

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John C
Forum Admin

Yes, to be able to control all 16 groups you would create 1 Controller Template, and in this you would add your 16 groups of encoders.

Control Surface Studio User

Can you make a tutorial of this? I've struggling to do this.


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As far as Live or CSS knows, your controller has 256 encoders, since they are defined only by the midi they send (channel, CC#, etc.) If you want to be able to use all 16 encoder sets in your controller script you would need to create a controller template with all 256 encoders in it.

I believe an alternate approach would be to use one encoder set on the EC4 and program 16 modes into your script (or however many encoder "pages" you need.) This way you could use the other encoder sets for functions other than what the script is controlling and effectively get more than 16 pages of encoders. You would lose the ability to define the parameter labeling on the EC4 screen per encoder set though.

Hope this helps,