Remotify 2.0 & Control Surface Studio

Submitted by Vadim on Thu, 01/24/2019 - 17:17
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Hi !
Just a bit lost... I was expecting a 2.0 version of Remotify, but here is Control Surface Studio...
I have seen there is coupon for pro user of remotify when buying CSS..
But i'm still wondering, if CSS is supposed to replace Remotify 2.0 ? or is there still is a Remotify 2.0 in the pipe ?
thanks for the answers

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John Carney
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Control Surface Studio is our one and only new App, there is no 'Remotify 2'.
We now refer to the original App as the 'Web App'.

I hope that helps.



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Hi John !
Thanks a lot for the answer !
Sounds perfect ;)
Kind regards

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So does the CSS do all the web app does plus more?

John Carney
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Aside from a couple of minor things which we haven't yet had time to add (auto arm tracks & Session Box linking), yes it does everything and much much more than the Web App can do.

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Could you at some point maybe add track level meter feedback for LEDs? I would like to display the track level on my midi controller.

John Carney
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I've added this to our future development list.