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Relative behaviour in CSS vs Web-App

Submitted by Robert Büttner on Tue, 02/16/2021 - 10:44
Robert Büttner
Control Surface Studio User

I am sorry for the double post
But a question developed to a feature request.

In the Web-App you can choose from 3 different relative-control-standards.
All of them have acceleration. Eg the faster you turn the encoder, the higher are the value-jumps for each step.
This way you can fine-tune your parameter by turning the encoder slowly and make fast and big sweeps by turning it quicker.
This works by sending values that depend on the speed. EG turning it slow sends a 1, turning it faster a 2 3 4...

In CSS you can define 1 value for increment and 1 value for decrement and then you can define a general size for each step.
This creates 3 problems:

- Acceleration is not possible, as we would have to be able define more values or ranges of values.
- Most of the time you will not be able to use a relative encoder at all as most of them only send different values depending of the speed you turn them.
This leads to the parameter only reacting to a certain speed. But if you turn faster or slower it doesn't react at all.
- Even if you have an encoder that has the option to send only 1 value for increment and 1 for decrement you would loose the acceleration that is in many cases necessary to purposefully use an controller.

So please, either change the relative behavior on CSS to the way it works in the web app or add the three standards of the web-App to CSS!

Thank you!!!!


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John C
Forum Admin

Thanks Robert, I've made a note of this.
As I think I mentioned in another post the new version of Reactions should hopefully be able to cater for adding web app style / framework controls.