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Reactions that change midi cc/note

Submitted by KompleteMania on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 18:57
Control Surface Studio User

hi there, im hoping you could help me out with something. i want to set up some drum pads on my controller so that when i switch the script into a different mode, those drum pads would be interpreted by ableton as a different note.

i set up the 64 pads that i currently have and set them to the appropriate channel and cc, and then i made another 64 "virtual" pads in the controller manager and gave them different cc's.

i don't currently have the reactions set so the only engage on a certain mode yet, im currently experimenting to see how i can the cc change to work in general. I may not even set it to be on a separate mode if i can set it up the reaction's condition so it only switches the cc if a toggle button is pressed.

i did a couple different tries
1. Incoming Pad
2.Toggle Button

1.Toggle button == Input 127
2.Incoming Pad == Input

Reactions: i tried different ones for each of those two combinations because i wanted to see if anything would work
1:Incoming Pad=Outgoing Pad (didn't work)
2.Outgoing Pad () Input
Incoming Pad()Input 0 - Didn't work and incoming pad signal still came through

any tips?

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felipe zlatar
Pro User

did u manage to do it?? want to try the same over here.