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Submitted by alan.w.grimes on Thu, 07/05/2018 - 16:39
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John - Thanks for a great product! I'm working with a Midi Fighter Twister in Ableton 10 currently - I've successfully set up transport controls, track select, volumes/pan, monitor, etc. set up. However, having 2 issues with Device Selection/Macros: 1. On startup, everything seems to load as expected, however the first device in the chain is not automatically focusing (ie. blue hand doesn't show up until I click on the device with a mouse). I've tried to get around this by using a spare 'click/switch' knob to select a Device 1 of the Selected track but Ableton doesn't seem to like this code for some reason and throws red text on the Controller Selection screen in Ableton. As a result, I've had 'lock' the 8 Macro knobs to Device 1 in the Selected Track - however this is undesirable as I'd like to switch Device focus. 2. I've got Device Prev/Next set up for 2 'click/switch' knobs but these don't seem to be working - not sure if this has to do with the focus item noted above or something else. I have 2 separate knobs set up in a similar fashion for Track Left/Right that have been working just fine but perhaps I'm missing something specific to this function. .json attached - greatly appreciate any help. Thanks! Alan
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Disregard - just found the FAQ re: ADVANCE - thanks!

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Yay! so glad to hear that the FAQ page helped :)