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question for folded tracks and 2 midi controllers

Submitted by benwadub on Sun, 12/20/2020 - 19:51
Control Surface Studio User

hi, again me, I have a problem to parameter my 2 big controllers!
i have 2 8 tracks diy controller, I want the first one controlling always my 8 first tracks and the second always controlling track 9 to 16
the problem is when I have folded tracks on the first one my track 9 is not the first one on the second controller, how would you manage it?
i don't need to control the folded tracks.

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Forum Admin

Hi Ben,
If understand your question correctly, what you want is the offset position number of the second controller to only count the visible tracks?
This isn't currently possible within the app, however I've figured out how you can do this directly in the code (if you're feeling up to it)

In the code find the line that looks like this:
track_offset = 9
(Make sure it is in the mode that you are using i.e. _mode1 is mode 1)
Then change the line so it looks like this:
track_offset = self.tuple_index(self.song().tracks, self.song().visible_tracks[9])
Note that the track offset number is near the end of the line
The save and reload live, this should now only use visible tracks when setting the offset. See attached also.

Control Surface Studio User

so i have a controller setup to control 1-8 then 10-16 and so on, i also need to control only the visible tracks, will this work ?

Control Surface Studio User

please add option to ignore folded tracks to CSS. its an important feature

Forum Admin

Hi, the above solution is exactly what you need.
We will look into adding this by default

Control Surface Studio User

I've looked through all of the topics that contain "folded" or "grouped tracks" and still haven't been able to figure this one out. Does anyone have any pointers for me about how to resolve the Folded/Grouped Track issue? (goal is for my controller to only control visible tracks)

Attached are screenshots that show the three current settings that I believe are relevant.

Any guidance is appreciated.

Control Surface Studio User

In addition to the question above, I have a closely related topic to tag on…

The above question is about selecting the visible track in the session box, even when there are grouped tracks… Is there also a way to select a track relative to the visible tracks? In other words, let’s say I always want a reaction to perform a function on track 17. Track 17 may end up becoming track 18 or above, depending on how many grouped tracks I end up with in earlier track numbers, but I want the reaction to always control, the track that was originally 17 in the template.

If anyone has any insights into this question, or the one above, I would greatly greatly appreciate it. I’m so close to wrapping my new script, and the grouped track challenge is the biggest hurdle that remains.

Control Surface Studio User

Following up to see if anyone has been successful yet at using Highlight Navigation to ignore folded tracks (only visible tracks) while using the modifier approach to session box/highlight navigation approach.

I could live with the few bugs in my template that I haven’t been able to work out, except for the folded track issue, which is killing my flow in the mixing stage.

Any tips, tricks, knowledge or examples are greatly appreciated.