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Q' How Asigne knobs to sends?

Submitted by Martín Spangenberg on Fri, 05/14/2021 - 17:48
Martín Spangenberg
Control Surface Studio User

Im having trubles for mapping the fx sends to my controller (nano kontrol2) knobs...
I made a script for this controller and achive control the volumen, arm tracks, mute, session box... but can't make it work to control the sends.

My goal is to 1 asigne the knob 1 to send 1 and knob 3 to send 2 of the highlighted track in my korg nano kontrol2.
Someone knows how can i do this?

I'll appreciate your help!


P.d: i add the script and controller for share with you. Besides this issue it works great!

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John C
Forum Admin

Hi Martin,
I just replied to you via email then saw this post. Did my reply help?

Adding it here for reference:
To do this you just need to make sure you have picked 'selected track' in your track mapping (see attached):
Then the sends contained in this track will use the 'selected track' (highlighted track) setting.

upload files: