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Problem switching modes

Submitted by Sam Schorb on Mon, 04/19/2021 - 20:32
Sam Schorb
Control Surface Studio User

Hi newbie user here.

I am building a midi controller using an Arduino.

I am trying to switch modes using a single button and mode loop using the 'select mode' option.

Ableton receives a Midi message, but only Mode 1 can be selected successfully.

Clicking the button to scroll to Modes 2 & 3 gives the error message 'snapping is off for this control: check min/max values', in the Ableton message box. Then when I scroll through to Mode 1, it selects correctly.

I have checked the min/max values for all three modes and they are all the same, set to the default setting.

It's probably something simple but any fixes or workarounds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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John C
Forum Admin

Are you using the scroll option with a button? in the mode selector mappings, they should be set to 'select mode' not 'scroll' and then you just select the mode to switch to.

Sam Schorb
Control Surface Studio User

No its definitely using 'select mode', Sorry, shouldn't have used the word scroll in my question.

Can you think of anything else I could try?

John C
Forum Admin

What do you have your button set as in the mapping ? you should really be using on/off for it (not absolute or relative).
Another thing, each mode needs to have at least 1 mapping inside it in order for it to 'exist' in your script.
If you upload your script .json file here, i can take a look.

Sam Schorb
Control Surface Studio User

Hi there. I have tried following these instructions with no luck.

If you wouldn't mind having a look at this script, I would very much appreciate it.

It's probably something really simple but I can't move on with my project until I work it out. Thanks again :)

upload files: 
John C
Forum Admin

Hi Sam,

Thanks for uploading the script, I've figured it out :)
For each Tempo mapping, make sure 'snapping' is turned on. (Mode 2 tempo, snapping is currently off in your script).

This message which you have been seeing... 'snapping is off for this control: check min/max values'
Is happening because you have different tempo ranges set in each mode...
If the tempo is currently at 128 bpm for example and you switch to Mode 2, turning you're Tempo knob will do nothing because the tempo range is limited to 333bpm - 666bpm.
But! if you turn snapping on then the tempo will jump to within the defined 333bpm - 666bpm range and you can control it.

Sam Schorb
Control Surface Studio User

Thanks so much! That's sorted it.

I only made that patch to test mode switching in the simplest way I could think of. Whoops!

I really appreciate your help. The software is fantastic and the support has been amazing. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

John C
Forum Admin

Awesome, glad that sorted it for you and thanks so much for the kind words!