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Submitted by Diego on Sun, 07/08/2018 - 23:53
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hi, i just registered my account. i was wondering if i can configure every external plugin that i want and if it works for every instance of the plugin into ableton (like buchla, or serum, psp84 etc). for example: in track 1 i have Buchla and psp84. In track 2 i have Serum and psp84. can i switch between the tracks and devices and my controller (akai midimix or others) is always auto mapped and focused on the selected device? there is a limit on the parameters that i can configure? Thanks in advance, and sorry if my english is not so clear.

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John Carney
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Hi Diego,

This has been discussed in detail a couple of times but I can't seem to find the conversations to link to :(
Basically, there are a number of ways that you can control your Devices and yes you can switch between tracks/devices on your controller.
You can create mappings to control Devices in these ways:
1. Control a specific Device on a specific track (the specific device is selected by chain number, i.e. control the 2nd device on track 4)
2. Control a specific Device on the selected track. (i.e. device number 2 on the currently highlighted track, which changes when you change the highlighted track in Ableton)
3. Control the selected Device on the selected track. (whichever device has the 'blue hand') on it.

There some limitations to this. You can only control 8 parameters at a time.
But you can bank through sets of 8 device parameters at a time so that you can control them all.

Here's is an articles which describes Device parameter control in a bit more detail:

I recommend that you choose which parameters you want to control for you plugins and order them the way you want by using the configure button. See the attached screenshot.

I hope this helps


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thank you man, i just added a new question in the forum. I'm considering what I can do for my needs before to buy pro version. best regards