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possible to change selected track with a potentiometer that send cc?

Submitted by benwadub on Sat, 09/26/2020 - 22:29
Control Surface Studio User

hi, again me! I d like to change the selected track with a potentiometer, I tried a lot of things but can t do it, that could be very useful for me to scroll between tracks with a pot sending cc then being able to move the macros parameter with my 8 other pot that I mapped to selected device

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John C
Forum Admin

Hi again :)
Yes you can do this with Highlight Navigation Mapping Type and change the second menu from 'select track/scene number' to 'scroll'.
You may also need to set the 'steps' to 1 if your pot uses relative values rather (a single value when turning left & right) than the regular absolute controls which send values from 0 through to 127 as you turn it.

Control Surface Studio User

thanks I ll try it!