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Pass midi notes to track input

Submitted by Soundmonkey on Fri, 05/14/2021 - 19:38
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Hi everyoe!

I am working on a script to control a drum sequencer that I built from multiple step sequencers and midi effects in a midi effect rack in Live. Each monophonic sequencer track is in a separate midi effect rack chain. The CSS script is using different modes to assign 16 encoders on my controller to control step velocity. The controller is the Artiuria Minilab MK2.

Currently I have 8 drum pads on the controller sending Midi notes which trigger mode changes in the script, one mode per instrument track. The notes the pads are sending are the same midi note values as the corresponding sequencer track is outputting. The sequencer rack is triggering a hardware drum machine.

When the controller script is loaded Live does not pass those midi notes to the track input because they are intercepted by the controller script, which is normal behavior I think and usually desirable.

Is there a way to have the controller script passthrough those midi notes to the Live track input or to have the script send a midi note out to Live when I select a mode? I would like the pads that select the modes to also send a midi note so I hear the drum sound that the corresponding mode is controlling, Many hardware drum machines operate this way, when you have drum pads and one set of step on-off buttons.

Any ideas? Is this something that reactions could accomplish?



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I just had an idea: My midi controller does not need any feedback since the encoders are setup in relative mode. Would it be possible set the control surface output in Live to the midi port that feeds my drum machine and use LED feedback to send the notes? I am messing with this now but can't seem to get it to work.

John C
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You can't send feedback to a different controller than the one which is connected to the script.
However, feedback is actually triggered from the Live UI, so in theory you could create a script for your drum machine and add the same mappings to it making sure to send feedback to it. Then when you turn your encoders, the Ui will send feedback to the drum machine - you just need to make sure that you configure the mappings correctly for it.