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Oled Display

Submitted by MikeModul on Mon, 01/31/2022 - 19:24
Control Surface Studio User

Hey there,

is there a possiblity to implement via the studio a script to using the oled display from a controller?

kindest regards

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Control Surface Studio User

hi, I began to experiment with it, I make diy controllers, for the moment I use the led output to send midi notes to my controllers and with theses midi notes I receive I write to the oled what I need, that work for mute solo arm states of tracks, didn't t have time to go deeper for the moment but that work, you just have to add a led in your controller template for each value you need to take in the controler

Control Surface Studio User

Hey Thank you for your answer,

that sounds awesome! Making DIY controllers sounds interesting. I would like to make a controller too, but for the moment, I haven`t the time capacity to make another big project.

So would I need to find out, which sysex or midi date I need to send to the display on the OLED?
For the moment, the option I will try and give some feedback for further information.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi MikeModul,

Yes, my guess is indeed to find out which SysEx or midi data is needed to 'speak' to the OLED screen.
There is a nice explanation of how to use SysEx (or raw midi data) in this thread; https://remotify.io/community/question/how-display-ableton-track-colors-...
Hope you are getting closer, I am curious about your feedback!

Control Surface Studio User

yes, you ll have to find what kind of message your controller use to write to the display, if it s mcu compatible that is certainly midi note on or note off, in the hui documentation all the mcu protocol is detailed maybe that ll help you?

Control Surface Studio User


@303_ - Thank you for your kind words and amazing support. I appreciate it a lot :)
The success will coming, I will for sure give updates after solving :)

@benwadub - No I don`t think so, I try to write a script for my Akai Fire, which was awesome to use, with the CrossFire script from isotonikstudios. But you know, in Ableton 11 things changed and the phyton script is dismissed.

After deeply searching for getting the hardware protocol from it, I only find one guy, who tried to get all the important informations from the controller. But I can`t understand his blog about that.

Maybe I should first of all, try to reverse engineer another controller, where I know the hardware protocol and play with that, to understand, how an OLED functions with the incredible remotify :)

And than go one step further and than try to get the Fire OLED run too.