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Novation SL MK2 Template

Submitted by Maikoos on Sat, 05/25/2019 - 05:03
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Hi there,
I'm posting my template for a Novation SL MK2 I just made. You'll need to tweak the midi controllers and button/knob behaviours to suit your own setup but hopefully this will save you a bit of time. I've only included the assignable knob and buttons. The XY Pad and the joystick presented some difficulties as there are no objects to represent them. I've approximated them with a crossfader and a slider in a cross position. The SL MK2 only has one row of pads but the minimum in CSS is 2 rows so ignore the bottom row. Perhaps they can represent alternate modes?
Feel free to tweak and repost.



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John C
Forum Admin

Awesome work again Mikey! :)

Control Surface Studio User

thanks for the template. does anyone have a script for the SLmk2 i could check out?