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not understanding highlighted slot

Submitted by benwadub on Wed, 01/26/2022 - 20:24
Control Surface Studio User

hi, i have an encoder that scroll through tracks and one that scroll through scene, so I can highlight any clip, I like to be able to create a clip if that clip slot is empty or launch the clip if there is a clip in that slot.
I tried that:
button 81 was pressed as listener
condition1:[0].has_clip == True
action1, 1)

condition 2 == False
action 2, 1)

but with this it always act on the first clip of the first track on first scene.
do you know what I m missing?

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4 Responses


Control Surface Studio User

Hi benwadub,
At first glance: could it be that the first reaction should be == True

Control Surface Studio User

hi, finale closing remotely and reopen it for saving the script did the trick! the Mac css app is really buggy and need to be closed and reopen very often sadly

Control Surface Studio User

Oh, I was not aware of that..
Good thing you found the solution!

John C
Forum Admin

Make sure to periodically clear the log - if you're continuously outputting to the log, keep an eye on the file size (next to the clear log button).
Also, turn off 'MIDI learn' if you're not using it.