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"No Encoder" Selection Feature

Submitted by Simon Absent on Sat, 01/09/2021 - 16:22
Simon Absent
Control Surface Studio User

It would be logical to use Macros to have specific parameters of an instrument (I will use Simpler here as an example) to be available for external control.

So if I want to control "Filter Cutoff" with an external device I will map it to Macro 1 and then this would be Parameter1 in Device 1 in Remotify.

All well and good - but if I do not want to use Macros I need to find out which parameter number corresponds with Cutoff in the instrument in order to address it directly instead of using macros.

I have analysed Simpler and the Cutoff Frequency is Parameter number 32
In order to address it in Remotify this way I need a new device with a Parameter bank of at least 32 parameters
If I set Encoder1 of my Controller Template to number 32 of the script I can indeed control Cutoff Frequency with Encoder1 of my Template / Hardware - nice!!!!

But now the problem: Whats with parameters 1-31 - they will be automatically set to (in my case) Pad1 - but I dont want this.
But it is not possible to set parameters 1-31 to "no encoder" - Remotify forces me to choose a controller. My workaround is to create a "dummy encoder" I address all unwanted parameters (in my case 1-31) to. Then number 32 I want and will address to an encoder on my hardware.

This workaround would not be necessary if it were possible to choose "no encoder" in the parameter bank area.
Let me know what you think!

Thanks for your support!


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Control Surface Studio User

With power comes responsibilty. What you want is already available.: This is simply done with reactions and specifying the parameter number...but it means learning some coding for deeper functions :-)

First stop with any function is a flow chart with known parameters...so the concept is communicated

Forum Admin

Hi Simon,

Hopefully I understand your query correctly. It sounds like you've added 32 parameters in your parameter bank, is that right?
You don't need to do this. Just add 1 parameter, and then in that parameter mapping, set the 'Select parameter by' input value to the param number that you want to control. in this case, set it to 32.
See attached:

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Simon Absent
Control Surface Studio User

You nailed it, John! that was exactly what I was doing ;-)
I will try this - thanks - also thans to Image_Engine for your input