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My scripts wont work, only sends midi

Submitted by Sitrusfrukt on Thu, 02/17/2022 - 17:12
Control Surface Studio User

Hey there!

So, I've had a lot of trouble setting up CSS. At first, when I exported my scripts, they wouldn't appear. I managed to make them appear by adding them into the midi remote scripts folder in the Ableton package in Applications. That made me figure out that I could make them appear by exporting them into Ableton user scripts in preferences, and then copying the userconfiguration.txt file.

However, the problem now is that my scripts aren't really doing anything. They're not scripted. They don't do anything in Ableton, and the only thing my control surface (APC20) is doing, is send regular midi signals into Ableton.

So, what could be the problem here?

The startup was rocky, but I'm eager to find out what CSS can do for me, so hopefully this will iron itself out after some good old tech support. Looking forward to hear from you!

All the best

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Forum Admin

Hi Sitrusfrukt,
That sounds like the 'Settings' page is not set up correctly.
Mine looks like this (
I'm on Windows.

Forum Admin

There is also a tutorial on this:

Forum Admin

Hi Sitrusfrukt,
I just opened your script and I see that the volume of all 4 tracks are assigned to knob 1.
That is of course possible but I just want to let you know if that is what you intend to do.

Control Surface Studio User

Thank you!

Yes indeed, you are right I had put in the wrong settings. I followed the instructions in the tutorial, but now I'm getting an error message. I guess that's what threw me off initially.

John C
Forum Admin

Strange, have you tried reselecting the 'midi remote script folder' using the browse button?