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My Mega Script Finishing Touches - Help Request

Submitted by neilb on Wed, 04/07/2021 - 04:36
Control Surface Studio User

CSS has been a tremendously useful tool for building out a highly personalized, and simply complex script for my custom designed Yaeltex controller. I’m getting close to having my master script complete, but there are a few outstanding features I could use some direction on if such capabilities exist:

• Toggle Modes w/ Single Button - I have three main modes with three dedicated buttons. I also have a shift mode for each of them when I press the mode’s button. This is great, but I would really prefer it toggle, rather than being momentary. I’ve tried changing the Control settings for the mode selector to toggle instead of momentary, but it does not change the behavior and it acts as momentary anyways. Is there a way to have to have a second press of the mode button toggle to the shift mode, instead of me having to hold it down?
• Button for Send - Using the Track features, I have the Send sub-feature controlled by some knobs and encoders. It works great. There is one particular send that I would like to have a dedicated button for in addition to the knob. So in other words, in addition to my current ability to turn that send up and down using the knob, I would also like to have a button that turns that send up to 127 when on an 0 when off. I tried adding and extra send using the send sub-feature, mapping it to the button, and mapping to the same send as the knob. When I did that it seemed to have corrupted my script and I had to migrate all of the features to a new script. Is there a way to script a button to toggle the send fully on and off and have a knob for the same send?
• Looper Mutli-Transport Script - I would really like to script a button to control Ableton’s Looper Multi-Transport button. I believe it is Parameter 1, but when I try using a standard Device sub-feature of the Track, it does not do anything. Is there a way to script a button control of the Looper Multi-Transport?
• Encoder Switch Mode vs hardware switch - My controller has encoders with switches. I would like for the switch to act as a note trigger on some modes and a second encoder in others, without building a mode for every single encoder for every single mode. Right now I used the hardware editor to select the encoder switch behavior, but that does not allow me to have an encoder act differently in different modes. I have 32 encoders and 6 modes, and trying to build out individual toggles for each encoder the normal way would be a nightmare. Is there a simple way to script how the encoder switch behaves (2nd encoder toggle vs Note Trigger)?

Any tips, guidance, thoughts, etc on these outstanding intentions would be really appreciated! Thank you!

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Control Surface Studio User

Update - This one is resolved Toggle Modes w/ Single Button

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Neil,

Button for Send:
You should be able to have a button which changes a send between max and min. However, sends work a bit differently, their maximum is actually 1.0 rather than 127. So to cater for this, try setting the 'maximum' option to 1%.
Also, having 2 mappings which control the same parameter in Live will not cause the script to break, so your issue must have came from somewhere else.

Encoder Switch Mode vs hardware switch
Its not possible to change the input type (between note and CC) using our scripts. This would need to be changed on the hardware or at some point before it reaches live.