my frustration with CSS

Submitted by danicroitor on Sat, 02/23/2019 - 16:29
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I've spend the past 2 days trying to understanding the app and do some simple stuff with CSS like: LED reactions, volume, sends...etc

My opinion is that CSS is not near close to a public release, maybe just a beta version of the app.
There are so manny bugs and I because that is counter-productive . I think is better just to use the web app, ti is more stable and is doing the job well, at least for the basic stuff.

I'm writing this after for some reason all the pads I've previously mapped to "device on/of" have just been reset to knob 1 :O
A similar thing happens when I am trying to map 2 pads to mode1 and mode 2: sometime they just change the Ch. by themselves.
For some reason, just a simple led reaction doesn't work well and more than that it resets or messed up other things.

I think the app has potential but as I said it should be posted as a beta version.

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I'm in the same situation. I can't believe I paid $90 for access to an Alpha ... this isn't even a beta. No undo, no save (so if something is accidently deleted there is NO recovery... start over). Buggy. Really this should have been released as a closed beta for free at best.