Mute Button to toggle between 2 tracks

Submitted by danicroitor on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 06:41
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In Ableton if using midi mapping if I have one track activated and one muted and I assign the same button on my controller for both tracks whenever I press that button on of the tracks goes deactivated and one goes activated. Is there any way to do that with remotify? Also it is possible to map m4l devices?

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I guess its not possible for now. But when you want to toggle between 2 tracks, you can assign one button to the Crossfader and maybe another button for Crossfader assign for the selected Track. So you can assign any combinations of tracks to toggle by just using 2 buttons (and maybe another 2 for selecting the tracks <->).

You can map the controlls of m4l devices in the same way like all other devices.