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Multiple session boxes per controllee

Submitted by c0nr0y on Sat, 09/04/2021 - 09:50
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Is it possible to have more than one session box per controller? Would be good to be able to scroll down each track with a differeny knob on each row of a midi fighter twister

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John C
Forum Admin

I have tried this in the past and if I remember correctly, if you add 2 session boxes in the script at the same time, the coloured box only displays for the first one but the second is actually there you just can't see it - so you can launch clips etc
1 other problem with this is you can only control the first 1 - so you wouldn't be able to move the second box around your session.
This is a limitation from Ableton's side, its not something that can be successfully built in a script (as far as I'm aware)

Maybe you could create 2 scripts and assign them both to the same midi controller? then you might be able to have 2 controllable/viewable session boxes. Not 100% sure if this will work however.