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Move Plugins inside Channel

Submitted by jon31 on Sat, 05/29/2021 - 11:11
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this issue can maybe be solved by this community. I have two to three plugins which are alway at the end of my plugin chain. I am adding the plugins via shortcut from a third party app. Currently these plugins are placed in the end of the chain. Is there a way of moving the plugins around via remotify ?


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I'm not aware of a way to move devices around after they have been loaded. There is a method in track.view that allows for a targeted loading location on the track for a device, however. Out of curiosity, what 3rd party method are you using to load the devices?
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On second look, there is a move_device function in Song in the LOM. It's description is a bit cryptic and I'm unsure without testing if it only moves devices within a rack or if it moves a device around at a top level within the track. This would be worth investigating more. If it DOES move the device around at the track level, it would definitely be possible in Reactions 2.
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I looked into move_device more tonight and while it does allow for moving devices around on a track or even moving devices to a specific location on another track, it is one of the least straightforward methods I have seen in Live's Api. It essentially requires getting live object of both the device you would like to move AND the track/rack you would like to move it to and then finally an index position number. This may be possible to do with Reactions 2 but would require custom code as move_device is not a built in action for Song in Reactions 2 that I could find anyway.
If you are only looking to load the plugin to a specific location, Reactions 2 has a built in method under the Track menu to set device insert mode which gives you 3 options. Option 0 will place loaded devices at the end of the chain, 1 will place loaded devices to the left of the currently selected device and option 2 will place loaded devices to the right of the selected device.
If you are a ClyphX Pro user, the method is very similar. For some reason, the action isn't in the latest version of the manual, but it still works. Insert X is the action with X being the insert mode as described above either being a 0, 1, or 2.
Hope this helps.
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*correction*. the Insert X action is in the newest manual for ClyphX with the syntax of Insert Default being mode 0, Insert Left being mode 1, and Insert Right being mode 2.

John C
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Due to the huge complexity of the move device functionality (as chainsawart mentioned), we have not directly added this in the Reactions 2 menu system. You could of course add it with custom code.