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Move box without deleting led feedback

Submitted by Mcbeat on Mon, 04/11/2022 - 10:54
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since it's not feasible to have multiple boxes, I want to have one box that I move across the tracks. It is important that the LEDs do not go out.
Example I have a box
Wide 1 and high 4. When I jump to the next track, I don't want track 1's LEDs to go out. The clips should only update when I move up and down and not left and right.

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Hello Mcbeat ,
I am afraid I don't understand your question fully.
I will try anyway ;-)
With box, you mean a Session Box? And with LEDs, I presume you mean the clips of the track? If so, when the Session Box is 1 wide, you will only see the LEDs of the selected track.
Otherwise, can you elaborate on your question?
Till soon.

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you got it right.
I added an image so you can understand better.
I would like to have 8 boxes. but this is not possible!. (at least that's how I read it unfortunately), Ableton can only display 6 controllers (scripts).
hence the idea of ​​a box
that can be moved over 8 tracks. However, LED feedback should be visible across all clips.
what command is to update the leds when i move the box? On or off.
didn't find out.
with this idea I could move the selected track up and down and find the appropriate clip. e.g.
You have 100 clips on track 1 and play clip 99 you have 100 clips on track 2 and play clip 2. it's possible with my idea. with a large session box not!
You would have to scroll all the way down and then all the way up again and so on.
I hope you understand now better my problem.
Maybe Modes can do this? I don't now ;(

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So what only with 8 boxes. Otherwise one with 8 modes. Led Feedbeck but over all 40 clips (8*5) when I jump to the next track the LED of the last one must not go out.

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John C
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Hi McBeat,

I probably don't understand what you're trying to do properly but, with LED feedback for session boxes you have 2 options.
1. In the session box mapping type, you have the 'clip state' LED feedback options.
2. Reactions, with this you are able to send LED MIDI data to clips at arbitrary events which you can decide.

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It is very complicated and confusing. You can put hours with it.
I tried everything. It just doesn't work.

I just want the LEDs to not run out of the clips when I jump to the next mode.

M1 = Track 1 (sessionbox1)
M2 = Track 2 (sessionbox2) etc.

I give up. ;(

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maybe this helps.
if you put a clip in track 1 and track 2, the led should not go out when you jump between the modes. LEDs should updated only when i scroll scenes up or down.

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I can't find the option ( 'clip state' LED feedback ).

John C
Forum Admin

Sorry, I should have been more clear, I'm referring to the section title 'LED Feedback' in the session box mapping type.
This contains LED feedback settings for various clip states (see attached)

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Control Surface Studio User

I think I undestand you.
Track 1, Clip 5, you want to see that clip in your controller.
Track 2 Clip 83, you want to see that clip in your controller.
You want to see both at the same time in your controller.

I think the only way is have 6 Session Boxes, each Box for each track, but you said you want 8 tracks...
I think you can not "lock" any clip at Session Box.

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a box with 8 modes. that would solve the problem.

How is the command for led update?

if :
mode 1 disable = led update (false)
mode 1 enabled = led update (true)