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Motorized faders

Submitted by mbmusic on Mon, 03/15/2021 - 12:26
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Can motorized faders (such as those in the Behringer X-touch series) be set-up so that they mirror parameter values in Live?

Example: Faders control currently selected devices parameters
When changing device the faders positions are moved to reflect to new devices parameter values.

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John C
Forum Admin

Hi there,

Yes you can do this with Control Surface Studio.

Pro User

JUST set the faders to *control* the paramater and make sure REMOTE is set on IN |and| OUT of the correct port on the controller (experiment to figure which - the Behringer Motor 61/49 has two (or three?) ports and one of them (I think it's for the controller portion vs. the keyboard) must be set to REMOTE IN for the faders to show a value.)

motor faders are JUST faders. If you can get a device to show the value in ableton - i.e. the number or note name - then the faders can ALSO show that value - by moving.

Note that with the Behringer stuff, I think it needs external power for the faders to move. Without the power adapter it works as USB Bus, but the faders don't move even though the lights and display do.

Let me know if that helped.