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motorised faders fighting me

Submitted by dayglo on Fri, 04/28/2023 - 15:04
Control Surface Studio User

Hi there!

I bought control surface studio so i could use more than 8 faders on my old yamaha 01v with motorised faders. When I had it set up to use instant mapping, ableton and the mixer happily updated each other...

However, when I try to use control surface studio, the motorised fader is 'fighting' me. I think its the LED feedback setting, because when i turn that off, I can control ableton with the physical fader.... but then I cant control the physical motorised fader with ableton's fader any more.

How can i enable bi-directional fader control without having the LED feedback 'fight' my movements?

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Control Surface Studio User

Hi, please post your script and your controller template, i wanted to check out the motorfaders anyway and i can look into your stuff aswell.

Control Surface Studio User

thats great! thank you.

i was testing with just one or two faders to start with... here they are.

Control Surface Studio User

Is this the place we're supposed to go for official support?

Control Surface Studio User

Yeah it is. The developer is in holidays after the update.
It will take time to answer your very specific problem.
I had no time yet to look into it, sorry!

Free User

Hi, I'm also interested in making the Yamaha 01v a control surface (in remote mode) with Live.
Is there a template for this?

Control Surface Studio User

i havent got mine working bidirectionally yet, but the setup to get it working from mixer -> ableton was super easy.

I didnt use the 'remote' mode on the mixer, because that doesnt send midi data as far as i can see. You have to just use it in 'Home' mode I think....

Leon Switch
Control Surface Studio User

Hi, I dont have a lot of experience here but i had the same Idea and bought an old O2R to use the motorised faders with ableton...

After some extensive research I found out that the O2R outputs sysex (that ableton wont directly understand) rather than straight cc's, so I went down a rabbit hole and eventually cracked it, but it was long and overly costly and complicated, and after updating ableton to 11 its no longer working aside from channel one...

I am in the process of trying to fix this but if you want any more info please message me