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More / Custom actions?

Submitted by done84 on Thu, 10/17/2019 - 01:54
Control Surface Studio User

Any chance of more Action we could assign to buttons/knobs?

I am not looking for anything too complicated, it would be nice to have stuff life
- Controlling the playhead in the arranger.
- Toggle Automation-Arm.
- Trigger Quantize.
- Change Grid Size.
- Switch between Arranger and Session view.
- Show/Hide Plugin Window.
- Toggle Clip/Device View.
- Delete (whatever is in focus or selected)

Can we expect any of these to be available eventually?
If it's possible to map a button to Keyboard shortcuts (doubt it) it could work too as most of those do have keyboard shortcuts.

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Control Surface Studio User

+1 all of the above.
I especially need the Toggle Clip/Device View. Push has Clip and Device buttons, so it seems possible.

John C
Forum Admin

Clip/Device view can now be done with reactions.
See my comment here on how to do it:

Some of the others you have listed may be possible with reactions too. I will need to do some research.

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks @John!
By changing the Input in front of value I was also able to "Arranger" I was able to get a button to switch between arranger and session view.
Using "Browser" also works to hide or show the Browser.

I wonder what else reactions could do from my original list, i'll try some stuff and report here if i find anything usefull.

Does CSS have any sort of road-map where we can see whats beeing worked on as, as in future improvements?

Control Surface Studio User

I meant to say:
By changing the Input in front of "value" to "Arranger" from that reaction you shared I was able to get a button to switch between arranger and session view.
Using "Browser" also works to hide or show the Browser.

Theres no way to edit posts here?

John C
Forum Admin

Nice work! here are all of the options you can use for that.

There's no roadmap currently, reactions will be getting an update to make it easier to access all of these extra bits.
And no you can't edit your post on here. :)

Control Surface Studio User

Hi John and Everyone

Followed the tutorial:
Got to the regular momentary point (When I press ON its ClipView and when I release its OFF and back to DeviceView)

I have been battling with the conditioning for momentary buttons for all the states you've mention above and could not work out how to get it to work.
The ones I really need are (All should be toggled with 1 momentary button each - 3 buttons in total)
- Device/Clip.
- Show/Hide Detail View (the Device/Clip bar itself).
- Session/Arrangement View.

So far I tried stuff like:
{ Self } .application().view.is_view_visible('Detail/Clip') { == } { Input } False/True (Respectively)

{ Self } .application().view.is_view_visible('Detail/DeviceChain') { == } { Input } False/True (Respectively)

And a lot more variations,
Trying my luck, but no luck. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and would really appreciate your help..

It would be great to have a more extensive guide to the Reactions function then what you guys got on your the moment .
Especially how to implement LOMs the right way
Together with something like:
the potential is huge!

For example, I have other LOM paths that Im not sure if i'm even getting a response from Live or not,
{self} .song().clip_trigger_quantization () {Input} 1
does nothing instead of changing the Global Quantization to 8 Bars. :(

Thanks in advance for all your help and for your immense patience for this forum and the community :D


John C
Forum Admin


The 'is_view_visible' Reaction code in your screenshot looks correct. I can't see any problem with it, is your button definitely sending a velocity value of 127? any errors in the log (I don't think there should be though).

You're almost there with clip_trigger_quantization, it should look like this:
[self] .song().clip_trigger_quantization [=] [input] 1
See the attached screenshot

In terms of documentation, we have a huge update to the Reactions mapping type on its way. It will make it much easier to select these pieces of functionality aswell as be a lot more powerful. If you like I can add you to the beta list and we will contact you when its available?



Control Surface Studio User

ey John,
Thank you so much for the fast replay.

No errors in the log,
but as soon as you asked about the type of button I double checked and there's something a bit strange about it.
Im using the Akai APC40 mkii
(and using the template from: )
BTW I'm working on debugging it, already fixed some issues with it.
as soon as I will be done with it I'll share it with you all on that post, Hopefully soon.

The BUTTON I try to use sends a momentary D#3 note
(Note On when pressed, Note Off when release).
the strange thing about it is that it send a "NoteOn"/"NoteOff" message with velocity 127 in both cases.
So when I release it send a Note-Off with 127 velocity.
Pressed: MIDI IN [APC40 mkII (2)]: 90 62 7F
Released: MIDI IN [APC40 mkII (2)]: 80 62 7F

I tried to see what happens when I push a PAD (not a button), and it send send a "NoteOn"/"Note Off" message with velocity 127 when ON and 0 when OFF (like it should).
Pressed: MIDI IN [APC40 mkII (2)]: 90 07 7F
Released :MIDI IN [APC40 mkII (2)]: 80 07 00

After some more testing it seems that
most of the BUTTONS send
Pressed: 90 XX 7F (XX = Note)
Released: 80 XX 7F

and only PADS send
Pressed: 90 YY 7F (YY= Note)
Released : 80 YY 00

[Screen shots 1 and 2]

Because in the APC40 mkii template the BUTTONs and the PADs are mostly set up in the same way in CSS I think the problem is the button MIDI data capture,
how can i set the BUTTONS correctly in CSS?
Or even just how can I setup them correctly individually per function?
Which might solve my next problem as well (below).

Thanks again John for correcting the equal in the clip_trigger_quantization it worked perfectly!
In my script this option is under the ShiftMode,
Buttons 1-8 (with LED On/Off) are all different options of clip_trigger_quantization.
When i press&hold ShiftMode I want a constant LED feedback regrading the clip_trigger_quantization status on buttons 1-8
(which clip_trigger_quantization is on right now without having to changing it)
radio style buttons - only one can be ON at a time.
I got everything to "work" but im not sure what listener to use.

The ShiftMode BUTTON (which would be prefect for that) doesn't "change" after you got in the mode (pressed) and its next change will be on when you get out of the mode (release) and those 1-8 buttons will do something else.
So you I can't use it this way unless fixing the BUTTONS settings will fix it and make it usable.
[screen shot 3]

I tried all the LOMs available for listeners ("When this change")
and the closest i got is when the "track time changes", and its no good because it works only when Ableton is playing (but it works).
I'm sure there's a way to solve it, just out of clues.

Thank again in advance for all your help!
I'm in my last stages of the script and can't wait to get it to work fully.

Best regards,