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modifying an script

Submitted by benwadub on Fri, 01/21/2022 - 19:28
Control Surface Studio User

hi, is there a way to edit an existing script using remotely?
i d like to modify the apc40 midi script for a friend I found it uncompelled here

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Control Surface Studio User

Hello Ben,

I have read on the site that importing MIDI Remote Scripts is only possible with the .json file (which is created using Remotify). So the .py file can not be imported, you actually need the .json file to create a .py file.

To modify the apc40 script, you would need to re-create the manufacturer script by building it in CSS. That is exactly what I am doing with my older machines who are not longer supported by Live 11.

Control Surface Studio User

it s what I thought thanks! I ll finish my big script for my new big diy controler before making it! I got lot of work on it! see the beast :-)

Control Surface Studio User

You got me drooling here!! A beast it is, but a beauty it is too!
Very, very nice!

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