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Submitted by verdeal on Tue, 02/05/2019 - 17:18
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I have several attempts but I have not been able. I hope you can help me :)
I have several modes activated by different buttons. I would like that every time I press a mode button (for example "mode 2") that button stays lit until changing mode, pressing another button and causing another button to light differently.
My English is not very good, I hope to have explained to me !!!!!

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(Creating the script with the web application works perfect)

John Carney
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HI Verdeal,
We don't yet have a Reaction listener for modes but there is possibly a way you can achieve something similar.
When you press a mode button, turn the LED on for it and turn all of the other mode button LEDs off.

Have you set up any Reactions yet? if not take a look at this tutorial on it:

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Thanks for the reply ! I have also thought about the idea that you suggest and it would be perfect for me. Before writing the question I read the reactions manual a couple of times. I fully understand the idea of ​​the reaction system, but I am not able to create this reaction (if I press a button its led lights up) because I think I do wrong the "condition" field. Thanks for your time !

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Any idea? :)

John Carney
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It should be something like this:
Assuming you are using as your Mode activation buttons: 'Button 1', 'Button 2', 'Button 3', 'Button 3'
For Button 1, add a Reaction has these settings:
Listener: Button 1
Condition: (none)
Button 1 .send_value ( ) Input 127
Button 2 .send_value ( ) Input 0
Button 3 .send_value ( ) Input 0
Button 4 .send_value ( ) Input 0

What this is doing, is when you press Button 1, it will send a velocity value of 127 to Button 1, and a velocity value of 0 the 3 other Mode activation buttons. (See the attached screenshot also).
Do the same for the other 3 Buttons, so that they are set to 127 when pressed, and the others are set to 0.

Note that as these a Mode Activation buttons, make sure you add them to the same mode that the activation buttons are on.

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Yes yes yes , it´s working!

" Condition: (none) " is the key. I did not think about the option of not defining conditions.

THANKS !!!!!

John Carney
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Awesome!!! :D