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Mode Zero?

Submitted by jacobgolden on Mon, 07/13/2020 - 22:58
Control Surface Studio User

Hi, I'm just working my way through the documentation and found the tutorial on Mode and Shift where it talks about Mode 0, which would share all the global mode select buttons. Is this feature in place yet? Cause I can't seem to find anything in CSS about setting a mode to zero. Instead, I've been duplicating my mode selection buttons so every mode has access to them. Is this the correct way to do this or am I missing something? Thanks and I'm enjoying the software so far. Best! Jacob

What is Mode 0?
Mode 0 is different to all of the other modes. This is the mode that's always active and runs alongside whichever other mode you have active.
This allows you to add controls that you don't want to change when you switch modes. A good use for Mode 0 is to set your Mode Activation and Shift buttons to Mode 0 so that they're always available.
One drawback to note is that as Mode 0 is always active, you will only be able to assign 1 control to an input that uses this.

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Control Surface Studio User

Hi Jacob
I left a comment at the bottom of the help...its a bit difficult when CSS operational UI is so different but the docs = webapp in many cases. Also, what is the significance of clicking on and off controller objects in the template section ie highlighted vs greyed?

John C
Forum Admin

This is correct, Mode 0 relates to the Web App only, this doesn't exist in Control Surface Studio.

I recommend going through the CSS step-by-step tutorial


Control Surface Studio User

My confusion is in regards to eg shift key being defined as persistent but what is the tag or indicator of this behaviour in CSS? Ive been going through the step by step which has been great but as a reference, its hard to navigate as I cant simply type in a search eg Mode 0 and find things easily...although I do appreciate the enormous effort that went in to the tuts :-)

John C
Forum Admin

I'm not really sure what you mean here.
Are you looking for the equivalent shift functionality in CSS? if so you can use the mode selector mapping to switch back to the previous mode. And reverse the on/off values of the button in the custom section so that this fires when the button is released.
Control Surface Studio User

^^ Glad to have found this. I was confused when I didn't see a shift button.. but this is great!