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Mode switch spills value from prior mode

Submitted by 5argon on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 09:59
Control Surface Studio User

Try the script attached, the controller is DJTT Twister included in the app.

Button 1 and 2 switch between two modes. The first mode, Knob 1 will control Track 1's Volume. The second mode, Knob 1 will control Track 1's Send 1.

Adjust the volume of Track 1 at 0%, and the Send 1 at 100%.

When switching between 2 modes slowly, you can see Knob 1 could update and pick up either Volume or Send 1 from where it was successfully.

However try mashing both Button 1 and Button 2 to switch mode rapidly, and while doing so, also wiggle Knob 1 as you mash it.

You will see that eventually either Send 1 "warps" to 0% or Volume warps to 100%.

This is a deliberate way of triggering the bug, but in normal use where I am not actually mashing mode switch, this also occurs randomly that it made values jumps unexpectedly.

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