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Mode selection based on Track or Device Name

Submitted by osaga on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 13:10
Control Surface Studio User

Not sure if this is possible, but would love to have the current mode be auto selected based on the selected track name or device name. This would make workflow so much better.

Had this idea in my mind then the user 5argon posted about it today so I know I'm not the only person thinking of this. Would be a powerful feature!


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John C
Forum Admin

Nice idea! its not currently possible to do it, but never say never :) I will note this down in the development list.


Free User

Put me down as well ;)
I switch around tracks allot, so sometimes it's useful to have by track name instead of by n0° or by select.

John C
Forum Admin

This is now possible with Reactions version 2.
You would need to duplicate the reactions in each mode but you can do this:
listener: when selected track changes

Then have an action block for each track which contains the following:
condition: is track name == "whatever"
action: script > set active mode

Pro User

I just did this and my brain is going to explode.
Remotify is just fucking crazy

John C
Forum Admin

Hoping you mean that in a good way :)

Pro User

in the best way, friend !!!!

Nicolás Vandendries
Control Surface Studio User

Guys its so interresting But to be honest i dont understand nothing to reactions hahahaha but can you telle me where i can find info to learn properly thanks. Nico

John C
Forum Admin

We have a collection video tutorials which explain the various aspects of Reactions.
Watch them here >>>
I recommend starting with the 'Reactions Overview' video :)

Control Surface Studio User

Hi John C
So I was trying out your suggestion in #3 above. So I set the Listener to:
and in the Action Block and I had the condition:[0].name == "Test"
and as a test I wanted to see if it would set the tempo to 123 when the track named "Test" was selected: = 123
But when I select the track called "Test" the tempo doesn't change. Am I doing something wrong ?

Forum Admin

Hello davlar and John,
I replicated the code, changed the condition a little bit to ' == "Test"' and the tempo would not change.
A simple (display a value in CSS log) action did work, but other actions do not.
The log shows an error: "Changes cannot be triggered by notifications. You will need to defer your response."

I do have a tip if you want to easily change bpm inside Ableton:
If you rename a scene to 123bpm, Ableton will automatically change tempo as soon as it starts this scene.

Control Surface Studio User

ok, thanks 303_. I just chose changing the tempo as an example action to do, maybe I should have chosen something else!

Forum Admin

Well, your question still stands!
Most other actions I tried, were not working as well, The error always was: "Changes cannot be triggered by notifications. You will need to defer your response."
Because I do not understand the error, it is probably something we are overlooking, ;-)

Spore Sounds
Control Surface Studio User

Is it possible to do something like this but have the scene selection change the mode?

Forum Admin

Hi Spore Sounds,
Yes of course, here is an example of a scene called 'Test';

  • Listener: Song's selected scene value has changed
  • Condition: if "Scene - name" (Type: selected scene) -> "(Text) exactly matches" -> "Test"
  • Action: "script - set active mode" -> "2"

Happy scripting!

Spore Sounds
Control Surface Studio User

I must be doing something wrong. When I put this reaction into my script it won't load into ableton. It says it loads successfully, but then it doesn't show up in my list of scripts. If I delete the reaction it loads just fine as usual.
I'm pretty new and this is my first time trying a script with a code.
Which part of this code am I supposed to replace with my scenes name? My scenes name is Chasing, so this is how I tried to write it the condition.
"Scene -Chasing" (Type: selected scene) -> "(Text) exactly matches" -> "Test"

Or do I put it where it says (Text)?

Forum Admin

Hi Spore Sounds,
Indeed you write the name of the scene where I have put 'Test' ;-)
I know in the beginning it can be a bit overwhelming.
To get you started, you can download the script which changes to Mode 2 when the scene 'Chasing' is started.
Good luck and happy coding!

Spore Sounds
Control Surface Studio User

Oh awesome! Thanks so much. I totally get it now that I can see it laid out like this.
Appreciate it!

Is it possible to do the same thing but have it change to a different script? Not seeing that as an option so probably not. I'm guessing the more I lear about this stuff the less I'll feel like I would need to do something like that.

Spore Sounds
Control Surface Studio User

Or actually while I'm playing around with this I think it would be more useful for my setup if I could switch between virtual banks by selecting a scene. Is there a way to do that?

Forum Admin

Hi Spore Sounds,
You're welcome!
"Is it possible to do the same thing but have it change to a different script?" Scripts are set in Ableton preferences and can not be changed otherwise. Actually, there is no need to change scripts because you can just script another mode with all the functions you want! :-)
Is it possible to do the same thing but have it change to a different script? Could you explain to me what you mean with 'virtual banks'?

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks all... I've got my script switching modes according to the selected device name now, and even sending a midi command back to my Physis Piano as an additional action, to keep its selected "scene" in sync as well - awesome!

Control Surface Studio User

Hey Folks,

I'm new to Remotify so still learning.

I have created a script for my Midi Fighter Twister, which controls the selected track and selected device on that track. It only has 1 mode and within that mode, I have setup a 8 different parameter banks with 8 parameters. I can also navigate these banks.

The issue I notice is, when I select a device that only supports 1 parameter bank. The controller still allows me to select the 8 banks and I get LED feedback. Ideally I would like parameter bank 2 - 8 to be ignored/disabled if the selected device only has 8 parameters. If I select a device that has 16 parameters then only bank 1 and 2 would be enabled and the other banks would not respond etc..

My question, is the best way to get this behaviour by creating idividual modes for each device and to setup remotify to change modes based on device name, or, is there a simpler way to get the result I am after?

Control Surface Studio User


After playing around for a bit I kinda figured out how to change modes based on device name.

The problem I am having now is that it only appears to trigger when selecting the first instance of the plugin. For example, I have 4 tracks and on each track I have 1 x amp and 1 x EQ Eight. When selecting/de-selecting EQ Eight my script acts as I expect and switches between mode 1 and mode 2.

When I change track or select one of the other EQ Eight plugins (track 2 - 4) I dont get the same mode switch. If I delete the first instance of EQ Eight, then the switiching mode behaviour works on the next instance of EQ Eight, but not the others.

In my script I have 2 modes.

Mode 1 contanins some parameters to trigger LED on my MFT controller and 1 reaction script that say when EQ Eight device is selected activate Mode 2

Listner = Track Type > selected track >

Condition = "EQ Eight" in

Action = self.set_active_mode(self.modes[1])

In Mode 2, I only have 1 reaction script that says when you select a device that is not EQ Eight active Mode 1.

Listner = Track Type > selected track >

Condition = "EQ Eight" not in

Action = self.set_active_mode(self.modes[0])

I dont see why this isnt working, so maybe a bug or maybe Ableton is doing something with the device name when you have multiple instances of the 1 plugin.

If anyone knows what the issue might be it would be great help.