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Midiplus Smartpad

Submitted by jonfelix on Sun, 07/19/2020 - 00:16
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Maybe I've not understood the LED feedback properly but can anyone tell me how to turn OFF the colors on the pad? Eg. I would like a pad mapped to activate a clip to show say, red when playing and show blue when stopped. I can get the red to turn off but nothing will turn it off.

Thank you!

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Im actually working with the manufacturers (midiplus) atm creating new firmware that will allow it to work out of the box. There is a lot of work going into the firmware to give it features that aren't on other controllers and it is much more intuitive. It will be available in about 6-8 weeks complete with finished remote scripts etc. It also adds flashing/pulsing and RGB mapping in Launchpad emulation mode. If you are interested in beta testing...let me know..will need a simple firmware update. The LED issue is a bug with Remotify atm and has been reported elsewhere and am waiting for fix. Hope that helps.

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That sounds great - definitely interested in beta testing. One of the reasons I bought your software was to get control of the LED's on the Smartpad.

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#3 not related to Remotify...i just do consultancy for ux/ui etc and remotify is a very quick way to sketch frameworks. Ill keep you posted once we have beta firmware ready...ill pm.

John C
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Hi Jon,

Could you explain this bit, (I don't quite understand):
"I can get the red to turn off but nothing will turn it off."


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Looking forward to try that firmware.

Martín Spangenberg
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Hi @jonfelix! I have a Smartpad from MidiPlus too. I´m having difficulties with led feedback config. I just read your post from 2020 that you was working on a new firmwere. There is any way that new firmwere can help me to resolve my problem? Can i tried?