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MIDI Signal go through Ableton but not in individual tracks

Submitted by quentin sarazin on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 17:18
quentin sarazin
Control Surface Studio User


I'll start first by explaining what I want to achieve with Control surface studio. So, I'm trying to build a set up for orchestral composition. In "virtual orchestral music", dynamics and expression are very important to try to emulate human playing.

So, my goal here is to set up 2 sliders at least which control dynamics and expression on every VSTPlugins on each track.
To do so, I assigned VST Dynamics and Expression (most of the plugins I use are in Kontakt) on the two first knob of the Instrument Rack. I then created a script which enables to control those two knobs only on the selected track.
Until then, everything is fine.

The problem is that we can't map all the parameters of Kontakt VST's into the Instrument Rack.
To control those parameters, I must assign to each of them the midi CC's of the two faders, inside Kontakt.
But when I use the custom script I receive midi information in ableton but not in the tracks. For example I can assign MIDI CC of the sliders to the play button but Kontakt does not receive any MIDI signal..
When I change the script for the default Launch Control XL everything works fine, it's like the custom script is blocking the MIDI signal through the different tracks.

So to resume I would like the script to do so:
Mode 1: Control the two first nobes of the Instrument rack only on selected track
Mode 2 : Use CC#77 and CC#78 to control pre-mapped parameters inside kontakt only on selected track.
I've attached the script in text format below

I hope I'm being clear enough, don't hesitate to ask me questions if not.
Thank you,


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John C
Forum Admin

If you have added the inputs on your midi controller as inputs in your controller template then they effectively become part of the script and yes are probably blocked from their standard.
Are you able to change their Midi CC data from the controller?

quentin sarazin
Control Surface Studio User

Hi John,

Yes I can change Midi CC data with the manufacturer software (Novation Launch Control Editor).
But it will not solve my problem, Kontakt does not receive any midi signal from my controller when the control surface script is executed but Ableton does.
I attached few snapshots for a better understanding.
Thank you for your time,


John C
Forum Admin

I see, thank you for the screenshots.
As a test could you try this:
for one of the inputs on the Launch Control XL,
remove any mappings for it in your script,
And in the controller template, delete the its input. (so as far as CSS is concerned, it doesn't exist)
Install the updated script, then go into Live and try using the input.... does Kontakt now receive the MIDI/ blinks?

if this works, then we might be able to get around this problem (with a Reaction mapping which removes any attached functions) I will provide more detail if the above works.

quentin sarazin
Control Surface Studio User

I've just tried the procedure listed above and it works perfectly ;).
Thank you for your help!

Have a great day

John C
Forum Admin

Awesome! and thank you for letting me know :)