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Midi Message value not set

Submitted by Lextasy on Sat, 09/03/2022 - 17:02
Control Surface Studio User

I am working on creating a template for the DDJ-1000 to map. I currently have most of the layout done with exception to the last 2 decks. I tried to run my first test with it today and I get the following message when trying to export.

"Generate configurable element error: at least one midi message value is not set"

I went through all my objects nothing is jumping out as obvious to me. I saw an old topic stating the DJTT Twister had issues with 0 values. I changed the one button which did have a midi value of 0 just to see if anything happened but the error persisted.

Thanks in advance

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Control Surface Studio User

Cancel that I found a handful of errors in the mappings. Good to go

John C
Forum Admin

Cool :)