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MF Twister Color Toggle

Submitted by fml on Sun, 05/17/2020 - 19:52
Control Surface Studio User

Can I please get some help to achieve the following behavior on a MF Twister?
When button 9 is toggled or pressed -> Make button 10 color come on. I can't get this to work using reactions.

Also, is it possible to have colors flash on and off based on an arbitrary interval or like, having a button flash on and off if recording is engaged?

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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi you can send led feedback to a different input using the custom led feedback section in the mapping.
See attached.

It's not currently possible to make an led flash on and off like how you describe.

Control Surface Studio User

In the example you've provided, the type is "play".
Is it possible to get this to work without the need for a reaction from Ableton?
I want to arbitrarily toggle this behavior, not as a result of Play being toggled.